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2019 Annual Membership opportunities are available for vendors & sponsors

i612 offers many ways to get involved with the organization, and is committed to providing the best membership experience possible.

Member feedback and engagement is encouraged so i612 provides the most beneficial networking and business opportunities for agencies, vendors, and publishers alike.

Vendors/Sponsors: Buy An Annual Membership & Save Money!

In 2019, i612 is introducing annual membership opportunities for vendors, publishers, and non-agency/client members of the Minneapolis advertising community. An annual membership will save between $50-$100 per ticket depending on the event.

As i612 has grown over the years, we want to make sure that our agency/client members are still able to participate and attend events for free.  With the rising participation comes an increase to costs.  We want to manage ticket prices and sponsorship opportunities for vendors while ensuring the quality of i612 events remain high.

Memberships are for individuals and do not extend to other members of the same company. Non-transferable and non-refundable.

What comes with an annual membership?

With an annual membership, you will receive discounted ticket pricing for all events.  Membership is not mandatory, but we do encourage all publishers/reps/vendors to join.  If you plan to attend 2+ events in 2019, a membership will be more cost effective than buying the individual event tickets without a membership.  The additional funds from the memberships will help offset event pricing.

Contact i612 if you have any questions about:

Sponsorship opportunities
Membership requirements and benefits
Event fees (for vendors)
Volunteer opportunities
Board of Directors openings

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i612 Member Code of Conduct

Please read the i612 membership Code of Conduct