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i612 Event Sponsorships

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Why sponsor an i612 event

Since 2009, i612 has supported the Minneapolis marketing community through networking, education, and collaboration. Sponsoring an i612 event is beneficial to your personal career and business goals.

Active, diverse membership

Sponsoring an i612 event gives you access to a membership base that ranks as one of the highest among digital advertising organizations in the United States.

i612 serves over 1,200+ members, 80% of which are client/agency marketers. Most events produce between 100-400 attendees, ranging from media planners, buyers, managers, directors, and search marketing professionals.

Flexible partnerships

Rather than focusing only on the bottom line, i612 is committed to building strong relationships with sponsors and prospective sponsors. We want you to feel like the event was worth you and your business’ time and money.

i612 offers customized sponsorship plans and speaking opportunities based on your company’s needs, budget, and emerging industry trends. Sponsorship costs will vary by event.

Client insights

i612 educational events often include sponsors in panel discussions on new and emerging topics in the industry. The topics are always forward-thinking and based on feedback from members and past sponsors.

Educational events are a great opportunity to learn how clients talk about new and emerging topics, and the challenges they face when medquest-inc.com attempting to meet their business goals.

Other sponsorship benefits

There are also many tangible benefits and perks to sponsoring an i612 educational or social networking event. They include, but have not been limited to:
Swag at the event

Consistent brand/logo visibility

Raffle prizes

Panel discussion spots

A keynote speech

Professional networking

Our sponsorship team strives to make events the best opportunity possible for both our rep and agency communities. If you have ideas around making events more valuable/unique or have a general sponsorship inquiry, please reach out. We’re happy to chat.

Thanks for your continued support!