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i612 Mission Statement

Founded in 2009, i612’s mission is the support and development of agency, corporate, and publishing professionals in the online advertising space through networking, education and collaboration.

Our goal is to increase the sensibilities and capabilities of all interactive media professionals in the Minneapolis-Saint Paul metro area, to support and facilitate overall growth of the market, to build local and national awareness, to attract top new talent and to represent us as needed in government and regulatory affairs.

i612 is a nonprofit professional association; a 501(c)(6) organization.

Membership Details

i612’s diverse membership across the Minnesota network of digital marketing provides members with a well-rounded opportunity to network with industry experts and stay up to date with the latest advancements in digital media.

Agencies, client-side, publishers, and vendors are well-represented at i612 events, allowing members to expand their network whether they are starting their careers or looking to expand their knowledge and marketing disciplines.

How To Become A Member

Sign up for free on our members page to begin receiving invites to upcoming events.

Please note that i612 events are exclusive to members.

Membership is free, but vendors are required to purchase tickets for events and are allowed to purchase tickets for other representatives in their organization.

If you have any questions about i612 membership, how we can help your career, or are interested in getting more involved as a member through volunteering at events, please email us.

Member Benefits

Expand your professional network

    • of marketers, publishers, and vendors

Gain valuable knowledge on emerging digital marketing trends

Connect with vendors to improve your marketing media mix and strategies

Improve brand awareness among local marketing professionals and potential customers